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Hacker attack on Saúde and ConectaSUS websites: netizens hesitate

Hacker attack on Saúde and ConectaSUS websites: netizens hesitate

Netizens, scientists and politicians back off the attack hacker to the Ministry of Health and ConnectSUS websites, that had fallen since dawn,. In the early hours of the day, a message left by the attacking group appeared saying “50 TB of data has been copied and deleted”.

Biologist and science celebrity Atila Iamarino commented on the attack and highlighted that the sites were specifically launched into the air amid the impasse between Anvisa (the national health watchdog) and the federal government to impose a vaccination passport fee on travelers’ parents’ entry.

This is one of the ways suggested – as many states are already doing – by the agency to the government to prevent the spread of the omicron variant throughout the national territory.

More netizens have also linked the hacker attack to possible requirements for a vaccination passport.

yesterday, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) criticized the Governor of São Paulo and the political opponent, Joao Doria (PSDB), and affirmed its opposition to passport requirements for a covid-19 vaccine to enter Brazil.

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Without mentioning the discontent by name, the chief executive said that “everyone should respond” to the suggestion that the governor of São Paulo, now also a former PSDB candidate for the presidency, is willing to oppose the federal government. Government decision regarding control.Arrivals from airports.

On Tuesday (7), Bolsonaro was already The health passport is called “white collar”, and contradicted Anvisa’s recommendation. But the CEO denied he was against the vaccine, arguing that the government had bought “millions” of doses.

Federal Representative Joice Hasselmann (PSDB-SP) stated that there were many “incidents” related to Health Ministry websites and platforms, even with previous episodes.

Former Vice Presidential candidate Manuela de Avila (PCdoB) wrote about the hacker attack on her Twitter. Yesterday, she already had He said his vaccination card had been tampered with In the Ministry of Health system, according to Manuela, the data for the vaccines she had already received had been erased.

Users have commented on social media that their vaccination data is also missing from the app. ConnectSUS.

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