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Column |  Why relaxation measures

Column | Why relaxation measures

It is unimaginable to think and follow any flexibility without considering this seasonal issue in Brazil.

The worst thing that could happen in connection with the control of Govt-19 is that Brazil once again adopts the experience of the Northern Hemisphere in a “boot-licking” manner and wants to import them into the country immediately. Differences in vaccine coverage and seasons, without realizing the differences in the season of the year.

I am talking about the ridiculous attitude of the Ministry of Health to want to provoke the impression that the epidemic is under control, even in the face of possible measures that can now be taken in Europe, and to want to free up the use of masks. Beginning in the spring and their summer, these facts will automatically be transferred to Brazil.

Brazil should be aware of the real dangers in maintaining an absurd number of deaths from Covit-19, which is caused by the spread of the Omigran variant, which is killing people without a full vaccine.

There are three main differences from the reality of the United Kingdom to Brazil, which should be considered and not allowed to immediately accept the same measures that can be taken there.

First is the seasonal issue. The UK has passed its winter, a winter very harsh. For example, we have all seen moves to relax UK controls in the winter. Viewers of England football matches had to reduce the presence of fans not only in the UK but throughout Europe during this period, which now reduces the risk of infections in the spring and summer. For respiratory diseases, Europe has begun to study some measures to reduce restrictions on movement, displacement, and accumulation.

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This is a first difference. Brazil is currently in the summer, departing for the fall. We face autumn and winter, exactly the period when the number of respiratory infections increases, the pressure on the health system through the airways. Although they are chronic respiratory diseases, those with asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer and infections in the fall and winter can begin to worsen, increasing stress on the health system. I.e., acute diseases, infections.

Increases infection of various influenza viruses, increases pneumonia and the real risk of the spread of Govt-19 in autumn and winter, precisely close to cold people, less air circulating, cold air irritates the nasal and respiratory mucous membranes. Also it increases secretion. That means we are still facing autumn and winter, which will be as severe as winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Therefore, it is unthinkable to think and follow any flexibility without considering this seasonal issue in Brazil.

The second question. Brazil still faces low vaccine coverage in many groups. Three doses of the elderly still in the country are lower than expected. Now we are discussing the fourth dose for the elderly and those with immunodeficiency. In Brazil the two-dose immunization rate for children is very low and the general public has the lowest vaccination coverage for three doses.

In other words, even in countries like the United Kingdom, we are far below reality when it comes to vaccine protection for priority groups and the general population. Therefore, Brazil should not think of any flexibility without ensuring that the population has three doses and is protected by the vaccine. In fact, this talk that the epidemic is over will encourage people not to get vaccinated.

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The third issue is the structure of the testing capacity of the health service. The UK has built a large experimental capability and the largest genetic type network to identify variants of the Covit-19 species. That is, if there is any change or variation in the development of the cases, the UK can detect it quickly. And since it can detect an increase in cases, it makes it possible for additional security to carry out flexibility measures.

Brazil, unfortunately, does not have an extensive testing network, which is deteriorating day by day due to the irresponsible attitude of the Ministry of Health. And we still have a very weak, very small genetic type network. So, if there are more cases in Brazil, it will take longer for the country to identify it. Sometimes it is identified by social networks, by people who claim to be victims, by news coming in the press. But with the increase and variability of these cases it will take a long time to detect, report and report even more epidemics.

In other words, it is deeply irresponsible, but more than that, this attempt by the Ministry of Health to carry out the same activities in the UK is a specific health “viralism”.

* Alexandre Padilha is a physician, university professor and federal assistant selected by PT-SP. He was Lula’s Minister of Political Coordination during Dilo’s administration, and Dilma’s Minister of Health and Secretary of Health. Read other texts.

** This is a commentary. The editor’s view does not need to reveal the newspaper’s editorial line Brazil practice.

Editing: Lucas Weber

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