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Climate Demonstration calls G7 into action – 12/06/2021

Climate Demonstration calls G7 into action – 12/06/2021

FALMOUTH, UK, June 12, 2021 (AFP) – Thousands of environmental activists marched in a quiet and colorful rally this Saturday (12) in the southwestern UK district of Cornwall to host the G7 summit. Climate change.

Organized by the Domestic Cooperation Group Extinction Rebellion, the march toured the coastal town of Falmouth and the summit’s press center, about 25 miles from the Corbis Bay meeting of the seven major economies.

Phrases such as “deeds, not words” and “if the sea dies we will die” were stamped on the banners.

When Chas Joyce, a Falmouth resident, arrived with her two children, she lamented, “We can’t keep our ears open.”

“I have a one-year-old grandson and I want him to have a life that is not affected by climate change and pollution,” said David Oliver, a 62-year-old retired AFP man who traveled from northwest England.

In his view, G7 leaders do not want to make the “serious” sacrifices necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Dozens of people dressed in red led the way through Falmouth to represent the speed of species extinction.

The G7 is expected to formally discuss the fight against climate change and biodiversity on Sunday, with the UN Climate Conference COP26 set to take place in the Scottish city of Glasgow in November.

Leaders are expected to discuss how to secure at least 30% of the world’s land and oceans by 2030, after meeting with big business on Friday to accelerate efforts for sustainable development.

But activists want more comprehensive plans to be implemented quickly, as well as increasing aid to less favorable countries.

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“We need to push the G7 into Cornwall to do more to reduce carbon emissions,” said Max Lawson, a volunteer from Oxfam.

Disguised as world leaders in swimsuits, Oxfam enthusiasts lie on the beach, mocking their slump.

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