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Jesse J represents the UK at Eurovision 2022

Jesse J. She is well aware of what it means to win a music competition, and after becoming the “Singer” champion in China in 2018, the British singer can now compete with her talent again, this time representing the UK at Eurovision 2022.

Photo: Playback / Instagram

The largest music competition on the planet returns as a band in Italy in 2022 Maneskin Is the grand champion of this year’s Eurovision edition. BBC executives want to change the image of England in the competition, which ended last year with zero points.

Jesse Jay comes in.

A columnist for The Sun confirmed the BBC’s interest in having a UK representative on Eurovision in 2022, and a source confirmed the information:

“After this year’s failure the production team aspires to get off to a great start and is trying to impress the best talents with promises of lucrative music sales and international exposure. They are determined to fight back and think Jesse will be the right man. He has a lot of fans in Europe. [para a competição] It may be harder than they think. ”

Jesse Jay is currently preparing for the release of his next album, as yet untitled and unreleased, releasing his new song last week, “I want love”.

Jesse Jay’s latest album

Jesse J. Released two albums in 2018: Fragmented “High”, Divided into four parts, and Christmas “Christmas Day”. None of them succeeded, however Jesse J. He was able to tour theaters in the United States and Europe, and theaters and gyms in China.

The singer has not ranked a single song since 2015. Was the last “Flashing Light”, Recorded for the movie “Perfect Choice 2”. This single reached the top 15 in the UK, where it was certified platinum. This is the last success of the English woman – it is constantly underestimated.

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