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Ciro uses Masa’s defeat to attack Lola

Ciro uses Masa’s defeat to attack Lola

He also attacked the former presidential candidate “Kirchner” after Javier Miley won the Argentine elections

Ciro Gomez and Lola

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247 – Former presidential candidate Ciro Gomez, of the PDT, used Javier Miley’s victory in Argentina to attack President Lula, attributing the far-right’s election to a reaction to what he described as “ideological garbage” imported from the United States by “lulopetistas and kirchneristas.” .

The presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza (LLA) tonight won 55.75% of the vote over Union por la Patria (UXP) candidate, Sergio Massa, who received 44.24%. 98.21% of the votes were counted. The Workers’ Party, Lula’s party, supported Massa.

The victory of right-wing moral populism in Argentina is a clear product of the failure of the corrupt and incompetent populism that governs it, behind a false leftist rhetoric and squinty identity. There is a complex interplay between causes, ancient and modern. There is complacency not to seek profound institutional, political and economic reforms. There is a lack of proper management of the economy. But there is, without a doubt, the decisive weight of the ideological garbage exported from the United States and imported uncritically by the Lulubitistas and Kirchneristas. Let’s wake up while there is still time!!!

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