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Ciara wins Millionaire award in the Round of 16 for South America;  See values ​​- play

Ciara wins Millionaire award in the Round of 16 for South America; See values ​​- play

The car It reached the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana Wednesday (25). In Avellaneda, Argentina, Team Ceará beat Independiente 1-0ensured the leadership of Group G to compete and pocket CONMEBOL Millionaire Earnings in awards.

Grandfather collection with vacancy beat 500 thousand US dollars (about 2.8 million Brazilian reais). The amount is added to the $900,000 received for participation in the group stage – each home match resulted in $300,000 in rewards. In total, it is $1.4 million USD (6.7 million Brazilian Real).


  • Group stage $900,000.
  • Round of 16: $500,000.
  • Total: 1.4 million dollars (6.7 million Brazilian reals).

For teams advancing to the quarter-finals, the stake will be $600,000 (BRL 2.8 million). The next discount will be determined by the fee due next Friday (27).

Target Alvinigra

In its strategic planning for 2022, Alfinegro’s management specified that the club should at least qualify for the Round of 16 of the Sudamericana, which requires the team to remain at the top of the group stage. In this way, the sequence of participation in an international tournament is guaranteed.

Thus, he reached the set goal and was the first Ceara team ranked in Sola in the history of Ciara football.


South American Awards in 2022

  • The first stage: 225 thousand US dollars per match with the host team (about 1.2 million Brazilian riyals).
  • Group stage: $300,000 per home game, triple. (about 5.1 million Brazilian riyals).
  • Round of 16: 500 thousand dollars (about 2.8 million Brazilian riyals).
  • Quarter-finals: 600 thousand US dollars (about 3.4 million Brazilian riyals).
  • Semi-finalists: 800 thousand US dollars (about 4.5 million Brazilian reais).
  • Runners-up: $2 million (about 11.4 million Brazilian riyals).
  • Champion: $5 million (approximately 28.6 million Brazilian riyals).

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