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Ciara players enjoy the party after the defeat, and the president replies: "They stepped on the ball" |  car

Ciara players enjoy the party after the defeat, and the president replies: “They stepped on the ball” | car

After the defeat against Bragantino, players from car He was spotted by fans at a party at the Castellao Arena itself, where the match will take place, last Saturday. He criticized the crowd on social media. Fina (pictured below), Richard Coelho, Iori Castillo and Michele Macedo They were among those present at the party.

This Monday, chief carRobinson de Castro stated, that he was surprised by the pictures, mainly the pressure on the team, which was eliminated early in the Cup of the Northeast and Cerence, which ended up with his rival Fortaleza to be the champion.

– After the match we learned that five athletes went to a party. What is our vision? Legal opinion: No problem. They did the training the next day and did no harm. Those who came to be part of the recovery did the work. But it has a moral aspect, respecting the moment when fans are upset with Cearense and Copa do Nordeste. This was the agenda of meetings with athletes and the design of new competitions. This fact attacked the fans and the board. “Right now, they shouldn’t have gone to the party, they should’ve gone home,” Robinson de Castro said.

Vina, party, Wesley Safadão – Photo: clone

Robinson de Castro asked fans for support, especially at match time. The car He has two defeats and one victory in the Brazilian League. In Sudamericana, the team achieved 100% success. The car He also plays in the third stage of the Copa del Rey.

We played a good match against Botafogo until the second half, against Bragantino as well. But we are in a high level competition. With Dorival, he played seven matches, five wins and two defeats. I seek support from fans, in 90 minutes. If it does not work, you can press the bar after the match. Players live on impulse. He said.

Grandpa’s next challenge will be to Sol Americana. This Tuesday, the duel will be against Deportivo La Guerra, at 21:30, at Arena Castellao. Vovô earned nine points in three matches in the competition.

Robinson de Castro, Ceará – Photo: Fernando Ferreira / Ceará SC

– Image: Disclosure