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Chulapa’s honest moment angers Palmeiras fans: “I thought I was the best”

Chulapa’s honest moment angers Palmeiras fans: “I thought I was the best”

Elimination of Palm trees In the Copa Brasil, it resonates a lot among the competing fans and even the professionals who work in the other big three in São Paulo. As with the idol sansta and assistant Fernando Deniz, Serginio ChulabaWho did not utter the words to make fun of the residents of Palmeiras and the ad gained a lot of engagement on social networks.

According to the former player’s point of view, Palmeiras for a long time believed that it was the best team, but in practice, this did not prove to be true, and the team was rated as overrated: “In a few years I thought it was the best team, but it wasn’t. It’s been too long without you gaining anything“, He said in an interview with UOL Esporte.

Chulapa’s position did not resonate well with Palmeiras fans, who criticized the former athlete’s speech. On the other hand, the Santos agreed With the idol and taking more wave Verdão, who has received several eliminations during the current season.

Rivalry between Santos and Palmeiras It is a very large And it has gotten even fiercer in recent years, mainly because the two teams have always had great duels in the decisive matches, whether in the Copa del Rey, Brazil or the recent Copa Libertadores da America.

Reinforcements on the agenda

Santos Council The cast hasn’t closed yet It plans to search for up to three new employees. The midfielder became a top priority at Villa Belmiro; Goose was the right name, but some hurdles in the negotiations have kept the business, for now, in a slump.

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