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Christian Barletta is Corinthians latest reinforcement

Christian Barletta is Corinthians latest reinforcement

a Corinthians Striker’s signature hit Christian Barlettal St. Bernard. The 21-year-old arrived as the game’s third reinforcement router for the 2023 season.

website of Corinthian identity Found exclusive information on negotiable percentages attacker Barletta With Alfingro Club.

Find out the percentages and clubs involved in the negotiations

After being elected a game player St. Bernard in victory over Sao Pauloin Morumbi, this Saturday night (25). Christian Barletta Granted an interview, confirmed that there are ongoing talks with Corinthians.

There is talk, something very close to coming out. But my opinion of Sao Bernardo, game by game. I do my job here, Sao Bernardo is doing well. So it’s all a consequence. I don’t let her get to me. It may hinder my performance. My head is here on the set, he said, and my feet are always on the ground.

However, the attacker St. Bernard Yes it is closed with routerand the Corinthian identity It exclusively brings percentages and clubs involved in negotiations.

First of all, the St. Bernard Own 90% of the economic rights to Barlettathe other 10% belong to joining an elephant, Athletes Training Club. According to the sources heard by the report, the percentages will be divided as follows:

  • Corinthians: 50%
  • Saint Bernard: 20%
  • Joinville: 10%
  • Entrepreneurs: 20%

The values ​​should be revealed soon by the clubs.

Christian Barletta consists in Join Phil And it had passages through it Bahia and Chapecoense. In the 2023 season for saint bernard, The striker scored four goals in 11 matches.

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