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China’s AI can identify spies by the way they walk

China’s AI can identify spies by the way they walk

Spying between countries is not a new practice, but it has improved with the advancement of technology. Of course, artificial intelligence is not out of this. For example, China can already identify potential spies by the way they walk, making it difficult for US agents to work in Chinese territory.

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Gesture recognition: Chinese AI

  • A former US intelligence official told the New York Times that the Chinese government has artificial intelligence software that can recognize faces and trace the walking path of a US spy.
  • This means that traditional disguises are no longer sufficient to avoid detection in the country.
  • A tracking tool called “Walking Recognition” started rolling out in mid-2018.
  • Officially, Beijing only uses AI to identify criminals in the crowd.
  • Information from UOL.
Artificial Intelligence (Image: Yuichiro Chino/Shutterstock)

US and China exchange accusations of spying

Dennis Wilder, a former US China intelligence analyst and senior fellow at Georgetown University, said understanding the intentions of US leaders is a top priority for Chinese intelligence agencies.

The White House is extending the warning to allies that China’s electronic surveillance capabilities could expand if the world uses technology from Chinese telecommunications companies.

For example, a Chinese balloon flew over the US in February this year, raising questions about what methods the Asian giant uses to gather information from other countries.

The U.S. accuses Beijing of hacking rival countries’ computer systems to gain industrial and trade secrets from “police stations” in the U.S. and other countries.

The Chinese government, which denies using any form of espionage weaponry, accuses the Americans of conducting covert operations in the country.

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