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China presents a “project” to integrate Taiwan into the country

China presents a “project” to integrate Taiwan into the country

The government of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping has already expressed on several occasions its interest in controlling the island.| Photo: EFE/EPA/Ng Han Guan

The Chinese Communist Party announced on Tuesday (12) that it has established a project to deepen Taiwan’s integration into the country, offering “benefits” from a closer relationship between China’s Fujian province and the island.

However, this announcement came at the same time as the government of dictator Xi Jinping increased the fleet of naval and air equipment around the autonomous region.

Earlier this week, Taiwanese officials said an aircraft carrier and about two dozen warships had been sighted in the area.

According to the Chinese Communist Party, Fujian province promises to be “the first home for Taiwanese residents and Taiwanese companies to establish themselves in China,” with industrial incentives and participation in the Chinese stock exchange.

According to the American CNN channel, Chinese experts received the plan as “a good goal for Chinese development.”

Although it does not directly control the island, China claims Taiwan as part of its territory and has stated that it will use force, if necessary, to seize administrative authority in the territory.

At the same time as showing a more aggressive side, the Chinese government is also trying to create business opportunities with the island, seeking a more “normal” relationship between the two parties.

This Wednesday (13), Taiwanese lawmaker Wang Ting-yu, from the Democratic Progressive Party, said that China’s proposal is “ridiculous.”

“China should think about how to deal with its bad debts, but not how to make a united front against Taiwan,” he said.

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The plan to make Fujian an integration region had already appeared in Chinese documents in 2021, but details about this have not been revealed. Discussions about the “project” only began this year in forums between Taiwan and China.

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American participation

As an opponent of China, the United States seeks a closer relationship with Taiwan.

In late July, the White House announced a historic $345 million military aid package for Taiwan amid tensions between the US and Chinese governments. On that occasion, military equipment from the Pentagon’s own stock was allowed to be sent to the island.

This measure was not well received by China, which made clear its dissatisfaction with the partnership. Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said, “US military aid feeds the American military complex but undermines the security and well-being of Taiwanese citizens.”

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