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China calls for increased cooperation with Russia

China calls for increased cooperation with Russia

Relations between the two countries became stronger after the start of the Russian attack in Ukraine

Dmitry Lovetsky/Pool/AFPRussian President Vladimir Putin announced that he will travel to China next October, at the invitation of President Xi Jinping

Head of Chinese diplomacy Wang YiHe told the Russian president Russian President Vladimir PutinHe added that the two countries should work to deepen their cooperation in facing the “complex international situation.” This information was published on Thursday the 21st by the Chinese government press. During a meeting with Putin in Saint Petersburg“The world is rapidly developing toward multipolarity,” Chancellor Wang Yi noted. He added: “The two sides need to strengthen their multilateral strategic cooperation, protect their legitimate rights and interests, and make new efforts to push the international system towards equality and justice.” The New China News Agency (Xinhua) quoted Putin as telling the Chinese Chancellor that their positions “are compatible with regard to the emergence of a multipolar world.” The Russian President announced that he would travel to China Next October, at the invitation of the President Xi Jinping. Relations between China and Russia It became stronger after the Russian attack began in Ukrainein February 2022, which Beijing did not criticize.

*With information from France Press agency.