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Chelsea have a sale approved by the UK government and could receive a contribution of R $ 1 billion

The Roman Abramovich era finally ended on Wednesday in Chelsea. The 19-year rule of the Russian oligarchy in London ended with the British government approving the purchase of the club. You Blues Acquired by the American-led Confederation Todd BohleyOne of the owners Los Angeles DodgersOne of the best baseball teams in America.

The approval came after the British government confirmed that the Russians would not make a profit by selling the club. Abramovich decided to remove the club in the face of strong negative consequences from the Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February. Russia has experienced sanctions from the local government, which could directly harm Chelsea’s administration.

“Based on the sanctions we have imposed on those (Vladimir) Putin’s and the bloody invasion of Ukraine, the club’s long-term future can only be secured under a new owner.

Due to restrictions, Chelsea operates under a special license issued by the government. Through these restrictions, club players’ contracts cannot be hired, sold or renewed. This license is only valid until Tuesday, the 31st of next week. Approval for the purchase will allow the club to obtain a permanent license again.

The deal is worth a total of 4. 4.25 billion, equivalent to R $ 26.6 billion. The proposal was financially supported by Clearlake Capital. Mark Walter, president of baseball rights, and Hansjorg Weiss, a Swiss businessman, are also involved in the business.

Chelsea confirmed earlier this month that “மொத்த 2.5 billion of the total investment will be used to buy the club’s shares. As Roman Abramovich has confirmed, the proceeds will be deposited in a frozen UK bank account with the intention of donating 100% to charities. When explained.

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The deal awaited the approval of the Premier League, the League that organizes the Premier League, and the British government. The league’s approval was given Tuesday.

Once the acquisition process is complete, the club’s new owners, the current World and European Champions League champions, will begin to invest in the team. According to the British newspaper, the initial prediction Telegraph200 million euros, equivalent to R $ 1 billion.