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At just 17 years old, Bariba is accepted into six universities in the United States

Posted on 20/04/2021 19:53 / Updated 20/04/2021 21:13

(Credit: Personal Archive)

At the age of 17, Baraba Ananda Theresa Santos Ficurido completed the admission process for six American universities. Not only does it make a dream come true by directing a place at one of the world’s most prestigious companies, but that opportunity also helps the young woman fully embrace the subject she desires: the stars.

The list of companies that have accepted a student’s application in the first attempt is astounding: Florida Tech, Catholic University of America, University of Florida, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Amherst College and Princeton University. Responses to applications made in mid-January came in March.

Barabana, despite its history of academic excellence, was taken by surprise with a positive result, which, after realizing the difficulty of the selection process, made itself questionable about the possibilities of studying at institutions of this scale. “I think it’s very important to be thankful that these doubts have passed,” he points out.

The love of the universe is old in the life of a young man

In Ananda’s backyard there was a common scene of a young woman with a star-studded look. “One of the first memories (I have) is seeing the sky in my garden,” he recalled. The family shared and supported the young woman’s interest from an early age. As a child, when she received an astronomy book for children from her father, she fondly recalled with curiosity and humor the dark immensity of the universe.

“It is a great privilege for me to have a family that supports me in my emotions, no matter how random they are,” he delights himself. “It was from this stimulus that I became more interested in astronomy.”

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Ananda, at this time, wants to enter the astronomy course, but does not rule out growing up in other areas during training. “This is one of the things I love most about the education system in the United States: this ability can change. I know I will change in college (when I am),” he points out.

“So, now my project is to do astronomy, because this is a fantastic area, it has so much potential, I want to study it. But I also know that I have not had the opportunity to learn about many careers and studies that I can change when I come to college,” he observes .

The young woman from Baraba points out that her interest in study is widespread, not just in the field of natural sciences. Therefore, do not ignore your interest in political science and the possibility that it may affect the choice of curriculum in the future.

Educational ability is also old

Currently, the young woman is attending a public school in Orlando, USA, which is guaranteed by the International Level (IP) Program. He jokes that the idea of ​​going to high school in an American school is very different than what was built in Hollywood films. High school music.

Yet, that experience contributed to their training and self-knowledge. “I never wanted to dedicate myself to just one area, so I had the opportunity to be interested and fall in love with so many things, the company’s motivation is so important to me,” he notes.

Ananda Teresa Santos Ficurido points out that it is important not only to focus on applying to universities, but also to cultivate areas of interest.  In the photo, the young woman participates in volunteering
Ananda Teresa Santos Ficurido points out that it is important not only to focus on applying to universities, but also to cultivate areas of interest. In the photo, the young woman participates in volunteering
(Photo: Personal Archive)

While in Brazil, Ananda participated in the Knowledge Olympics, which continued in the United States. He reconciled with the theater with another zeal, and even guaranteed time to dedicate himself to political science knowledge, through an internship with a state assistant.

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It is worth noting that high school is not yet complete, as classes in Ananda, USA are extended until May. So, you still have to choose the company you want to go to. The dilemma is between MIT and Princeton, which can be difficult between the two best companies. “They have similar opportunities, but with different packaging”, the young woman exemplifies.

Focusing on the path is not the application

Ananda is not sure, but what contributed to the approval was that he dedicated himself to various areas of interest in his path. “I tried to enjoy things not because they were beautiful in one application, but because they did me good, and I wanted to improve them,” he points out.

The young woman observes that the application process places a high value on personal path and high school standards reporting. Another feature is the letters of recommendation from the teachers, thanking Ananda for the position the teachers have taken in his life, and helping him to overcome challenges that are not present in his own country.

“Being an immigrant is a complex system and being away from home has its weight. So, not everything is a bed of roses, but I feel so grateful to have these incredible people who helped me, and then they were able to talk about it in practice,” he points out.

As for the future, it is not yet certain, but he plans to teach classes in the area from being a researcher. But something is certain for the young woman who loves stars: “Entering these colleges gave me a clear vision that the world is so big and has so many experiences.

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