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Check out the VIP section and Xepa after the sixth leaders test BBB 23 | Leader test

Check out the VIP and Xepa section after the sixth BBB 23 Leader Test

Thursday is the official day for Leader test to BBB 23. 👊 And this turbo week, Sarah Allen He is the one who wins the game. Immediately after its consecration by the presenter Thaddeus Schmidtthe psychologist needs to divide the participants in the most watched house in the country between them VIP that it xepa. She is entitled to five bracelets.

Sarah Allen makes her VIP picks – Image: Globo

See what happened before the race, starting with the Big Fone! ☎

earlier on Thursday night, Big phone Played in the house of BBB 23 and MCguime The device answered. Cesar He ran close to him, but the singer was faster than the nurse who had just left driving.

MC Guimê was entitled to superpower in formation breakwater Lightning today. The authority gave the right to replace anyone in the spotlight, including pointing out leader.

Who answered Big Fone on BBB 23? MC Guimê wins supreme power

Leader test

See how Leader Vick Test fared at BBB 23

open ballot

The participants then returned inside the most guarded house in the country for an open vote. Domitila Barros was the most voted and signed Paredão with Cara de Sapato and Fred Nicácio, but MC Guimê used superpower And she replaced the MMA fighter with Gustavo.

MC Guimê attended Big Fone and won with supreme power – Photo: Globo

Gustavo and Key Alves; Brother went to Paredão – Image: Globo

Who do you want to delete from BBB 23?

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