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Check out the new public alert of the Central Bank for Brazilians

the Receivables value system The central bank’s (SVR) was used scam attempts Online. Earlier this month, the municipality warned residents to be careful with false messages about the platform being received through digital channels.

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SRV remains on hold indefinitely, so forgotten funds cannot be consulted or refunded at this time. It was created to facilitate customers’ access to the remaining resources in financial institutions.

Even with the widespread suspension of services in April last year, criminals have taken advantage of this to implement scams. Understand how the scheme works.

Press with SVR

Scammers send messages via The WhatsAppand email and text messages that impersonate the central bank and request the victim’s personal data, such as full name and CPF. The pretext they use is that the information is needed to retrieve the money left in the financial institutions.

In another format, the message contains links that, when accessed, make it easy to steal passwords on social networks or install viruses and spyware on the user’s device.

Municipal directives skip content of messages and Never click on links. BC does not solicit personal data and amounts owed should be consulted by the owner or dependents, at SVR official website.

Second Level

Consultations on Forgotten Resources have been suspended since April and have no return date. Although there was no date set, the Central Bank reported that the platform will undergo improvements to include the possibility of recovering amounts by the heirs of the deceased.

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Another novelty announced is the creation of a virtual queue for accessing the SVR. Previously, the user needed to enter the service exactly at the predetermined date and time.