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Find out why Marinho’s birthday FGTS withdrawal end is not appropriate

More money annually is the desire of all workers. the Christmas withdrawal One of those options. However, the Minister of Labor, Louise Marinho, considered the possibility of ending the benefit. For him, withdrawing that value impairs the purposes of the home reserve for unemployment and housing financing. Learn more about this topic.

For those of you who are a Brazilian worker and are anxiously awaiting the Christmas withdrawal, understand why this benefit has ended.

For the Minister of Labour, Louise Marinho, the annual withdrawal depletes the Severance Pay Fund (FGTS). Even if many of his allies in the Labor Party approve of his behaviour, many others warn of the potential for Labor to become heavily indebted.

For economic consultant José Rita Moreira, it is a fact that withdrawal from Christmas is a factor that makes it easier for workers to pay off their debts, go shopping, or simply secure their finances in a time of need.

He adds that if this benefit ceases, the money will remain unchanged and will not yield anything, and will be in the hands of the workers able to move the economy through purchases.

For those who don’t know, the Christmas raffle offers 50% off the total value of FGTS. According to the surveys, last year around 28.9 million workers resorted to the benefit, injecting R$12 billion into the country’s economy.

Created in 2019, it has helped boost the Brazilian economy. It can be used to finance real estate or withdrawn if the worker is not fired for good reason.

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It has already been studied that FGTS yields a return of 3% per annum. If we compare it with the savings, which double the profitability, then it is actually very low. In addition to the little income, the money stays with the government and is deducted monthly.

Still on the topic of Christmas withdrawal, the partner at Fatorial Investimentos suggests that the funds be managed by the worker himself. But with a big note, the more money, the higher the inflation-yield curve.