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Chaves, banned from SBT, has become a public phenomenon on YouTube TV News

Chaves, banned from SBT, has become a public phenomenon on YouTube TV News

The program that marked history in SBT for 36 years, Chaves’ TV show stopped in August 2020 Due to a dispute between Mexico’s Televisa and Grupo Chespirito. a Problem with rights holders It made the series disappear not only from television, but also from streaming platforms, as it was available on Prime Video. The production, however, still maintained a loyal following on YouTube.

Since Chaves has no “owner” in Brazil, the only way for comedy fans to watch episodes is through the video social network. Even without rights, some channels use the recordings shown from SBT or Multishow (which ran the show on pay TV between 2018 and 2020) And bombed with millions of views.

A search by the term “Chávez” last Friday (26) on YouTube brought the first video titled “Chávez Marathon in HD, more than 4 hours of joy”, which garnered more than two million views in less than a year of its publication. ..

Another, which was available a month ago under the name “Chaves, a 1-hour 10-minute compilation of high quality”, was played more than 800,000 times in just one month. There are episodes with over 17 million views. Chaplin also increased the audience for some channels.

There are some content producers on YouTube that do not show the full chapters, but specialize in listings with curiosity and news about the world of Roberto Gómez Bolaños characters (1929-2014). Vila do Chaves, for example, has 462 thousand subscribers, while Forum Chaves has more than 2.5 million fans. Watch the video below:

Why did Chaves leave TV?

The problem for the non-television series includes Televisa, the Mexican media group, which broadcasts the programs and thus owns the rights to the produced work (ie tapes containing old episodes), and Grupo Chespirito, Bolaños’ property manager and intellectual rights holder (eg characters and chapter texts).

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As Chaves and Chapolin were registered by Televisa in the past, the network retained the rights to the tapes of the old episodes, which it distributed on various channels showing Mexican attractions until the end of July 2020. In Brazil, In addition to SBT and MultishowAmazon also had the episodes available on Prime Video.

In return, the Mexican network paid a value to Grupo Chespirito. In the process of contract renewal, Fernandez tightened the negotiations and demanded an increase in the amount paid for the rights. The parties did not reach an agreement, The attraction ceased broadcasting worldwide in August 2020.

will return?

In June 2021, fans of the series came Create expectations for a possible returnafter an interview by Roberto Gomez Fernandez, president of Grupo Chespirito and son of Roberto Gomez Bolaños, in the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

We are taking some steps in this process of reconciliation in every way. It’s not that we’re fighting, far from it. exactly the contrary. There were simply disagreements and we were caught in the middle of the pandemic. I think the conditions were not the best, now that we are in other conditions, without a doubt it will happen.

But more than a year after the announcement, nothing has happened. Chavez and Chaplin stay off TV All over the world and with no return expectations.