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Cesc-Flamengo and Osasco will play classics in the women's first division quarter-final  volleyball

Cesc-Flamengo and Osasco will play classics in the women’s first division quarter-final volleyball

In the final rounds of the first stage of the Women’s Superliga Championship, a great classic of world volleyball for the quarter-finals has already been designed. Confirmed on Friday. As a result of the last round, fourth-placed Osasco will face Cesc Flamengo in the decisive matches. The two projects have already made 11 finals for the competition (with eight titles for Bernardinho’s team and three titles for Wisomar) and will now be fighting for their stay in the championship.

Women’s quarter-final matches:
Beach (1) x Pinheiros (8)
Minas (2) vs. Barueri (7)
Cisse Bauro (3rd) vs Fluminense (sixth)
Osasco (4th) x Cesc Flamengo (5th).

Osasco had a better campaign and, therefore, would have the advantage of playing the third match at home, if neither team could win the first two matches. However, Sesc-Flamengo is having a slightly better moment than the opponent. After a poor start, the Rio de Janeiro team recovered and scored eight straight wins. On the other hand, the Sao Paulo team started very well, fighting for the lead, but their performance faltered a bit in the final stage.

Cesc-Flamingo faces Osasco on Wednesday – Photo: Disclosure

Whoever wins the classic, the winner faces Ben Praia, who takes first place in the first stage, and Pinheiros, eighth. The team from Uberlandia, who also has the advantage of playing the third game at home, if necessary, ended with only two defeats and are the favorites against São Paulo.

Fluminense searches for a point against Cisse Baoro and climbs the table and faces Cisse Baoro

Curiosity happened in the last round. Fluminense sought a point against Sesi-Bauru and managed to climb to sixth place. It turns out that the São Paulo team already took third place, so it will face the Rio team in the quarter-finals.

The tricolor suffered heavy losses during the Superliga. Opponent Bruna Moraes lost the injured and the playmaker Proniña was suspended for doping. But he manages to respond and have a good time. But the Sao Paulo team is also going through a great phase. After winning the Brazilian Cup, Sisi continued to achieve good results. The match promises to be very interesting. Having finished third, the advantage of playing the third game at home belongs to the São Paulo team.

Best Moment: Barueri 0 X 3 Praia Clube Women’s Super League Volleyball

The winner of Fluminense x Sesi-Bauru will face the winner of Minas x Barueri. Z team Roberto Guimarães lost on Friday to Praia Club and fell to seventh place. Second place overall, Minas Gerais has the advantage of playing the third game at home, if necessary.

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