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Celebrity special “The Real Full Monty” based on UK format commissioned by Fox to support cancer awareness

Celebrity special “The Real Full Monty” based on UK format commissioned by Fox to support cancer awareness

private: bought a fox Full montyA two-hour special inspired by the 1997 hit film and based on the popular British unscripted format in which celebrities strip off to raise money for cancer charities.

In the Fox special, set to air later this year, a group of male celebrities will do their best to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancer testing and research.

Spun Gold TV, the company behind the original UK film, is co-producing with Fox Alternative Entertainment.

The Fox special will see male celebrities rehearsing and rehearsing a big striptease in front of a live audience. This dance, accompanied by the film's famous final striptease scene, will be the climax of the special. Along the way, the men will push the boundaries of comfort, humility, and brotherhood, while sharing personal stories of how cancer has impacted their lives.

“Unfortunately, cancer continues to affect millions of people around the world; while science has made great strides in developing a cure, it is critical that we continue our fight against this terrible disease,” said Allison Wallach, president of unscripted programming at Fox Entertainment. Start to finish Full montyWe leverage the enormous reach and power of broadcasting to deliver this important call to action to educate viewers about cancer. if Full monty “If this saves one life, it will be meaningful if these brave men share their personal and poignant experiences with cancer.”

Firstly Full monty The special aired on ITV in the UK in 2017. It was an instant hit, launching an annual franchise. The male-only section was initially followed by a female-only section, and special events have remained co-ed ever since; Martina Navrarilova, the great tennis player who survived cancer, was also among the celebrities.

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The format has expanded to Australia, France and the Netherlands, and rebranding 53 Degrees in the United States was a goal of Spun Gold TV, a global company.

Full monty Daniela Newman, managing director of Spun Gold TV, said: “This has been a huge success not just in the UK but around the world and, most importantly, has resulted in thousands and thousands of people getting potentially life-saving checks.” “We hope so. It will be just as effective in the United States. “We are excited to partner with Fox.”

The Fox version will be executive produced by Dan Norris and Ashley Edens, who also serves as showrunner. Spun Gold's executive producers include Nick Bullen and Neumann.

A quarter century after the 1997 hit, a scripted series featuring much of the original cast premiered on FX last year.