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Gringo strikes!  How Tubarão, Te Amo crossed borders and became a hit in the US - Entertainment

Gringo strikes! How Tubarão, Te Amo crossed borders and became a hit in the US – Entertainment

Those who usually follow viral videos for TikTok and Instagram must have heard it at least once. Shark love you🇧🇷 Music It was launched in September this year by Carioca DJ LK from Scotland Go viral on the platform due to the choreography made by the artist himself, along with MC Ryan SP, MC Daniel, MC Jhenny and MC RF – there are over 500,000 dance videos on social networks and 30 million plays on Spotify.

The beginning of the song rescues a verse from the 2001 song Pirate’s Treasure (Onda Onda)from the group Tchakabum, and honors MC Ryan SP and MC Daniel, better known as Tubarão and Falcão, respectively.

Additionally, the song features MC Carol’s vocal in an excerpt. The funk artist’s post even created a rift between the two singers and helped lead to a fallout. Carol He complained that he was not approved at work The LK is generally tapered. After exchanging barbs, the two They made peace and promised to register a partnership.

success in brazil, Shark love you I was surprised that it had crossed borders and also spread among netizens in the United States. In addition to videos on TikTok, Brazilian fans who traveled to Qatar to watch the World Cup presented the song to Gringos during a “dance battle” in the vicinity of a stadium.

As the days went by, the song started climbing the positions and rising in the number of copies. Not by chance, at the beginning of the month Shark love you It peaked at #3 on Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Charts in the country. The song was ahead of the big names in music, such as Lady Gaga and Drake.

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In Brazil, the song is still in the top ten most listened and has more than 550,000 copies in just one day.