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CBF explains line confusion in VAR analysis in Flamengo x São Paulo and sees the success of the referees |  Sao Paulo

CBF explains line confusion in VAR analysis in Flamengo x São Paulo and sees the success of the referees | Sao Paulo

The Brazilian Football Confederation released a video, this Tuesday, to explain the confusion of lines that occurred in a possible offside analysis before the penalty kick scheduled for Flamengo vs. Sao Paulo, last Sunday, in the Maracanã, for the Brazilian championship. The two teams tied 1-1.

The Brazilian Football Confederation says the referee was right for a controversial offside display in Flamengo x Sao Paulo

In the 47th minute of the second half, Luiz Araujo received a ball on the right side, pulled it into the area and brought it down Michel Araujo. The judge marked the penalty, and the bid was analyzed for the in-zone offense as well as for the potential handicap.

When showing the picture to the audience, the video referee drew two yellow and one blue lines. That blue line gave the impression that Luiz Araujo was offside, but the CBF made it clear what it was all about.

– What defines that blue line that goes up, it doesn’t go towards the sideline. Do not mark the point where the athlete is on the ground. The yellow lines represent the position of the players. The blue line is directed toward the sky, and is the vertical reference for any athlete’s score. Since this point is a ground point, which is the front of the boot, this point will be the reference – said Péricles Bassols, Technical Director of VAR.

VAR Analysis Flamengo x Sao Paulo – Photo: Disclosure

Watch the full penalty kick and VAR analysis of Flamengo vs Sao Paulo

In the VAR analysis, when the yellow lines are drawn – on the player’s foot Sao Paulo and another on the foot of a flamingo player – no obstruction diagnosed. Lines overlapped.

– This line overlaps, and every time it overlaps it benefits the attack – said CBF Jury Chairman Wilson Senem.

Regarding the penalty, there was no question of the video ruling. Analysis was quick to confirm that Michel Araujo committed the offense against Luiz Araujo. The Brazilian Football Confederation approved the appointment.

– We see the additional movement of the player in raising his foot after passing the ball to him. It is very dangerous for a player to raise his foot at the height of the opponent’s knee. This is the risk, recklessness, is the lack of attention, consideration, against the opponent – Sinim Analyst.

– This action was due to inattention when kicking the leg at the top, with the ball at the bottom, – he added.

See the transcript of what the VAR booth said:

“I want to see that touch on the knee. Back camera. You have contact with the injured knee, okay? Penalty confirmed. Let’s see the potential handicap.

– Let’s go up the (blue) line now. Maybe that’s on tiptoe, the white boot, right here in front. up to the base. This is good. It’s the foot, okay? other. Can you zoom in? One base down, right, right, left. there. You can go up, it’s on the same line. can confirm. Please enlarge. Yes?

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