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Casa do Brasil expects a more balanced vote in Portugal between Lula and Bolsonaro - Observer

Casa do Brasil expects a more balanced vote in Portugal between Lula and Bolsonaro – Observer

Leader Carlos Viana, of Casa do Brasil in Lisbon, defended on Monday that Brazilians in Portugal’s vote for his country’s next presidential election will be “more balanced” than it was in 2018, with the participation of young people.

“Brazilian society is very divided into social classes, because social inequality in Brazil is repeated here” and the richest, who voted for candidate Jair Bolsonaro, have increased a lot in Portugal in recent years, Carlos Viana considered in Lusa’s statements.

so today The level of people with a university education in the Brazilian community in Portugal is ‘really much higher’ than is found in Brazil.

In 2018, the current Brazilian president and candidate Jair Bolsonaro won by a landslide, with a greater advantage, commensurate with the group of voters who voted, than Brazil itself, recalled a member of the Casa do Brasil board of directors in Lisbon.

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This means, he added, that “candidate Bolsonaro has a lot of loyal fans and voters here.”

But he said, “I think that this growth of a few thousand upper-middle-class, even the rich, who are beginning to live in Portugal is offset by the growth of more modest immigration.”

This, combined with the “disappointment” of those who voted for Bolsonaro in the recent elections and the growth in the student vote, especially university students, with increased political awareness and a large population of young people, in Carlos Viana’s opinion, in the least balanced voting.

“There were many young people registered at the consulate.”He stressed that today there are 80,000 voters who will vote in Portugal, as he considered an appeal to everyone to vote on October 2, the date set for the upcoming presidential elections in Brazil.

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As Carlos Viana pointed out, In the upcoming elections, candidate Lula da Silva will represent a coalition of ten partiesNot just a Labor Party candidate.

And he considered that “the real wave, which we call Bolsonarista, that occurred in 2018, will not be repeated.”

The Casa do Brasil, an association that supports all Brazilian immigrants, “does not have a candidate,” its leader asserted, but it has taken a stand against the Jair Bolsonaro government, that is, since the COVID-19 pandemic.

This polarization that we follow there in Brazil, we can see here in Portugal, very clearly, and in Braga as well”, says the president of UAI – the Brazilian Portuguese Sociocultural Association to Support Integration in Portugal.

Alexandra Gormic says the tendency to vote for Bolsonaro is justified by Brazilian immigrants by the “existing models” in these elections, one more conservative and the other more progressive.

“The profile of immigrants in Braga is very heterogeneous, we have families with incomes from Brazil who live here, they have higher purchasing power, but we also have many people who come in search of work,” he explained.

He added, therefore, “this election to me is unknown.” He stressed this by saying: “We expect a second round between Lula and Bolsonaro, but only when the result appears we will be sure.”

It is estimated that about 15,000 Brazilians live in the municipality of Braga.