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The waitress is having a nightmare after receiving a tip of R$15,500

The waitress is having a nightmare after receiving a tip of R$15,500

Have you ever dreamed of doing a good deed and getting a great reward for it? Many people think they can find a bag of money on the street or even get a Millionaire’s Chic deposited into the account.

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All these situations are just fiction and do not happen, if not accidentally, in real life. However, a waitress from the United States (USA) may encounter something similar, but the story ends badly for her.

The waitress receives a tip of more than 15,000 Brazilian riyals

According to information published in international newspapers, waitress Mariana Lambert received a very generous tip in the amount of 3,000 US dollars, which is more than 15,000 Brazilian reals. This happened inside the Alfredo Coffe restaurant, where he works, in Pennsylvania.

The problem is that the “dignified” customer seems to have regretted this fact, and now she and the restaurant suffer greatly from this story. The man who was mentoring the waitress was Eric Smith and introduced himself as a member of Tips for Jesus.

A radical change in the course of history

Both waitress Mariana and the restaurateur accepted the generous tip, despite being shocked by what had happened. After all, it is not a common value to be given so simple.

“It meant a lot to me because everyone is suffering. It really touched my heart. I still can’t believe it, I am in shock.”

However, days later, Eric reached out and asked to challenge the advice given. The case has acquired serious repercussions, as it appears that what happened was a mistake rather than a good deed.

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Mariana and management Resturant I had to file a lawsuit in court to try to fix what happened. The case is now in the judicial field and should be analyzed soon. On social media, many people felt sad and angry about what happened.