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Cartoonist Ota, famous for Mad magazine, dies at 67

The comics even re-edited stories from “Luluzinha,” “Recruta Zero,” and curated collections of “Asterix” albums.

Play / Instagram / @ota.mixOta’s body was found because the owner of the restaurant was surprised that he had not visited the facility for a few days

cartoonist Comedian Mail Editor Otacílio Costa D’Asunção Barros, known as Take itHe passed away on Friday at the age of 67 due to a sudden illness. Ota was born in Rio de Janeiro and was featured in the Brazilian version of mad magazine. The cartoonist’s body was found in the apartment he was living in in Tijuca, south of Rio, by neighbors and a nearby restaurant owner who found it strange that Ota had not visited his establishment for a few days. Ota earned a degree in journalism from UFRJ and joined Editora Brasil-América Latina (EBAL) in 1970, remaining until the end of 1973, when he joined Editora Vecchi.

In 1974, he became the editor in charge of the publication in Brazil for Mad magazine, a humorous medium from the United States. In the national edition of the title, he published the famous “Relatórios Ota”, in which he autographed art and text, combining simple punches with biting jokes to give his satirical vision of current topics. Although the magazine goes through several publishers, such as Record, Mythos, and Panini, it held that position until 2008, when she left Panini and announced that she would auction off all of her owned collections that were associated with Mad. He also worked for other publications, such as the horror magazine Spektro, which ran between 1977 and 1983. He re-edited the comics for Pixel’s “Luluzinha” and “Recruta Zero” and staged the “Asterix” albums collection by Record. In 2016, he published an e-book called The bipolar girl – the beginning of it all, and his last job was four months ago, when he began publishing tapes about college life for Faculdade Campos Elíseos in São Paulo.

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