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Outside of A Fazenda 13, Lesian Admits She Tried to Stay With Medrado at a Party TV News

Outside of A Fazenda 13, Lesian Admits She Tried to Stay With Medrado at a Party TV News

Deleted for the first time from Farm 2021And Lesian Gutierrez He admitted that he had a feeling of love for Fernanda Medrado. On Friday (24), the model said that she tried to stay with the rapper during the party, but turned away after getting in contact with the game.

“There is a very good moment when you speak [para a Medrado]: ‘you love Me?’. She replies, “Lizzie, look, the truth is that I don’t love anyone here, I love my children.” At the time, she didn’t get the answer,” recalls Lucas Selvi, presenter of “Elicid Live.” Embarrassed, Lizian explained, “Can I speak? I asked to stay with her at the party.”

In the chat, the former employee evaluated a file The track with the singer as a “love and hate” relationship. “At first, she greeted me, I’m so grateful, but she decided to stay away. After the party, I apologized, I said I wasn’t feeling well, and I didn’t remember. That’s why, but we just walked away, they both had no reason.”

Miss Pat’s previous post also complained about a situation Erasmus Viana inside the game. “Here, I realized how much his ass was. He needs women to be respected more. I don’t know how he grew up, what it was like in his house or what it was like with his ex. [Gabriela Pugliesi]’, peppered with the unlikely.

“On the show, it was clear to me that he didn’t know how to respect a woman. I don’t know if he did it to destabilize me more than he already was and use me as a target, because he saw that I wasn’t reacting. I don’t know, it’s assumptions in my head, or what If it’s that way with all women,” Lisian added.

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Minutes later, she tore up the digital influencer’s photo and said, “Women, unless I defend it against macho men…I know that’s nothing, but I feel like an actress. Never in my life, thank God, have I had a boyfriend, an abusive relationship. I say it was offensive to live together. With him I felt compelled to say that everything was fine. It was such a strange thing that it had never happened in my life.”

Kwika do Wiz Khalifa

In the live broadcast, Lesian took a lie detector test and admitted that she had a set of underwear and sneakers for her ex-boyfriends. NBA player Donovan Mitchell will be the owner of one of the shoes, while rapper Wiz Khalifa will be the owner of one of the underwear collected by ex-Byun.

In Queima Peão, in addition to Erasmo, Liziane destroyed records Stefan Matos NS Marina Ferrari. “Stee, I think she voted for me like Maria does to others, she doesn’t have a personality of her own. I could have been anything in the house, but I’ve never been fake, she lacks the truth,” she said.

“Marina, that’s the thing, I think she’s pretty, but she doesn’t really put herself in the game. She joined forces with a group she already knew on the outside. I don’t know why this became so taboo to talk about inside. They try not to show that they were already there. They know.” From outside. gui arugu He is the head of the group. People are wearing a lot of masks indoors,” the brunette reinforced.

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