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Cariúcha, Márcia Fu and Shay are in the third round of A Fazenda 15 – A Fazenda 15

Cariúcha, Márcia Fu and Shay are in the third round of A Fazenda 15 – A Fazenda 15

Cariocha, Marcia Fu and Shay are in third place
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Another Roça is completed Farm 15! This week, Cariocha, Marcia Fu and Cheyenne compete for the public’s votes in the battle to stay on the reality show. Yuri, who passed by the hot seat, managed to escape after his victory Farmer testing For the second time this season.

Collection It happened last Tuesday (10) The funk singer was taken straight to the front seat through Farmer Jacqueline’s recommendation. Marcia had the most votes and took Shay away from Paya. After that, Resta Um was replaced by Poder da Flame Orange, whose dynamics led to Yuri being there to close out the quartet.

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Voting is now open R7.com It is worth noting that viewers must vote for the pawn they wish to keep on the program. The person with the least number of votes will be eliminated.

How was the farmer’s test?

The activity on Wednesday (11) requires a lot of awareness and skill from walkers! Divided into three stages, the challenge requires walkers to place rungs on a ladder, search for a specific ball in a ball pool, and then hit four balls into a cylinder.

Marcia stumbled down the second flight of stairs, wasting valuable time. Meanwhile, Yuri and Karyucha managed to complete the first stage with almost a tie. The walker maintained the lead in the pool phase, but ended up getting tangled when pocketing the balls.

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In the final stage, Kariocha and Yuri competed ball for ball, but the influencer ended up getting it right faster and winning the test.

Farm 15 It is shown Monday to Friday at 10:45 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday at 11 p.m., on television. TV record. Follow the R7.com And social media to stay up to date with all the news! participation in Play Plus They have access to the cameras 24 hours a day.

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