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Caravellas ranks first in the public health quality ranking in the Far South region منطقة

Caravellas ranks first in the public health quality ranking in the Far South region منطقة

Public health services were evaluated between January and April of this year 2021.
Caravelas excelled in achieving the health indicators targets of the Prevent Brazil programme.
In the analysis of performance excerpts, the municipality scored higher than the targets set, gaining prominence in the overall area and in the state of Bahia.
With this achievement, the municipality was ranked first among thirteen municipalities in the small region in the southernmost part of Bahia.

Celebrating Nursing Day

In practice, the municipality will be given a share of the financial resources to finance health procedures and services within the scope of primary care.
These resources are part of Previne Brasil, a new financial incentive costing model, intended for municipalities that meet program pay-for-performance indicators targets.
And Caravelas’s Minister of Health, Marina Ramalho, celebrated the result. He stressed that “this represents a lot because it combines all the work of training teams, restructuring units and the efforts of professionals to serve the population well and provide health services with quality and excellence.”
Below the ranking of municipalities in the far south
1 ° Caravelas
2 Mucuri
3rd Itanhem
4 Ibirapuã
5 Medeiros Netto
Sixth Lajedão
7 Teixeira de Freitas
8 ° Copacabana
9 Itamarajo
New tenth Vicosa
11 Gokurucho
Twelfth track المسار
13 ° Prado

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