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Canada’s government said not getting vaccinated against Covid ‘was right’?  – a screen

Canada’s government said not getting vaccinated against Covid ‘was right’? – a screen

It would be wrong for the Government of Canada to issue an apology to people who were not vaccinated against COVID-19 And tell them they were “right” about it Bannedas indicated in posts on social networks.

The content smears a 2022 letter to the premier of the Canadian province of Alberta, Daniel Smith, in which she apologized for the restrictions on those who did not take the doses.

The Canadian government admits: “The unvaccinated were right about the vaccinations.” mRNA [RNA mensageiro]The government issued a rare apology to unvaccinated citizens last week and admitted it was right all along about the elite agenda behind the mass vaccination drive.

Another lie about the covid vaccination

Other publications refer directly to Smith’s speech. As of last Monday (26), the posts had accumulated more than 10,300 likes on Instagram and TikTok.

However, the Prime Minister of Alberta does not represent the national government, but only a province of Canada, and her speech is not recent – it was said in October 2022.

Moreover, at the time, it did not claim that the unvaccinated “were right” about the vaccinations.

It has only described the penalties they received for not complying with the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic as “discriminatory”.

Other publications scattered on the networks.

“I feel sorry for anyone who has been inappropriately discriminated against as a result of their vaccine status,” he said.

Smith also stated that he would like to grant “pardons” to people who have not been vaccinated and who have been affected.

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The Premier of Alberta did not mention mRNA immunizers in her speech, as mentioned in the specific publications.

Reuters Fact Check has been unable to locate official Canadian government data that includes similar statements about people who have not been immunized against Covid-19. Currently, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has campaigned pro-vaccine during the pandemic, rules the country.

to rule

bloomer. The Canadian government has not said that the unvaccinated against Covid-19 “were right” about immunity.