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Can you find the different parrot in this picture?

Can you find the different parrot in this picture?

Find a test animal

Photo – Playback / Online Series / Canva

You parrots They are exotic birds that captivate humanity with their beauty and above all with their ability to imitate human speech. Owners of colorful and variegated plumage, they have a remarkable ability to learn.

These birds belong to the family Psittacidae, which includes more than 350 different species. They are mostly found in Central America, South America, Australia and neighboring islands.

Parrots have beaks that are curved and very resistant, and their claws have two claws facing forward and two facing backward. When in their natural environment, they live in groups and often form strong emotional bonds.

This type of bird is distinguished by its ability to learn, the ability to learn and imitate human sounds and words with great accuracy. As a result, it has become the desire of many people.

Parrots can imitate sounds because of an organ called the mucous membrane, which is located in the respiratory tract. Not all species have the same ability to speak, and some are more gifted in this regard.

Find the different parrot in the picture:

Photo – Series Online / Canva

Can’t find it? Check out the answer

In the photo above there are many parrots. Show that you are good at perceiving by finding the one bird that is different from the rest in the shortest possible time.

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