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Can a Nubank account be deleted with an open invoice?  paying off

Can a Nubank account be deleted with an open invoice? paying off

Recently, Nubank has been the target of an increasing number of discussions on social media following posts by Cristina Junqueira, the fintech’s co-founder. Thus, these statements generated a wave of discontent among users, prompting many to reconsider their relationship with the most popular digital bank in Brazil.

The controversy gained steam as Junqueira became associated with events featuring speakers with conservative ideologies, intensifying discussions about the company’s political stance and its effects on customers and society at large. See more details!

Many dissatisfied customers are thinking about closing their accounts in Nubank, but they face an important problem: the possibility of doing so with outstanding debts or bills. However, according to current regulations, closing a bank account in this case is not allowed.

This is because the account debts must be paid off in order for it to be closed. However, for those who are not satisfied with the fintech situation, there are some alternatives:

  • Suspension of fees: As long as it is not possible to close the account, customers have the right to request a suspension of fees. Thus, maintaining only basic services;
  • Debt Negotiation: It is advisable to contact the bank to try to renegotiate the debt or set up a repayment plan that facilitates financial settlement;
  • Conscious use of the account: While resolving the situation, it is wise to use the account conscientiously, avoiding new debts and additional complications.
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Controversy involving financial technology

The dispute began when Junqueira promoted an event on social media that featured figures linked to conservative movements. Furthermore, Nubank’s CTO’s previous relationship with the Brazil Parallel organization, which also shares this ideological side, cast a shadow over the bank’s political neutrality.

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However, despite the recent decline in shares, experts in the financial sector believe that Nubank still has a strong customer base and a solid strategy to ensure its long-term growth.

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