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Procon fines iFood for restricted sales

Procon fines iFood for restricted sales

Procon in Minas Gerais (MG) fined iFood R$404,000 for its linking. The decision, announced on Saturday, September 30, includes selling Duckbill Cafe products on the delivery platform.

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According to a memo published by the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais, a consumer reported that Duckbill required a minimum of R$30.00 for purchases made through the iFood app, according to CNN Brasil.

The Public Prosecution concluded that this practice constitutes tying, as it forces the consumer to purchase more products to reach the minimum value.

Decision and consequences

The possibility of an administrative processing period was offered, which implied a fine for suspending the administrative process. Duckbill accepted the offer, but iFood refused. As a result, the Public Prosecutor’s Office imposed a fine of R$404,000, a decision that the company can still appeal.

The companies justified that imposing the minimum value was necessary to make the operation viable and cover logistical costs. Duckbill added that consumers could choose other means of purchase, such as WhatsApp, without imposing the minimum value.

In a memo sent to CNN, iFood said it has “not yet been notified of iFood’s decision.” Procon-MGVarginha area.

The company also stated that it does not comment on ongoing proceedings. CNN attempted to contact Duckbill for a job, but received no response. The field remains open, and the article will be updated, according to the broadcaster, in the event of a return.

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