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Campus Party Brasilia confirms the release of the event at the Mané Garrincha Stadium

Campus Party Brasilia confirms the release of the event at the Mané Garrincha Stadium

Campus Party Brasilia confirms the release of the event at the Mané Garrincha Stadium

#CPBSB5 will take place between April 5th and 9th and the theme of games will be the highlight of the program, as well as a cooking championship made from meat produced in a 3D printer

Campus Party Brasil, the world’s largest technology experiment in the Internet of Things, blockchain, maker culture, education and entrepreneurship, confirmed the fifth edition of the event in the city of Brasília, with the support of the Federal Government cash. The meeting will take place between April 5 and 9 With traditional camping structures, the Arena da Campus and the Open Campus are available for campuses at Estadio Mané Garrincha. In this edition of Campus Party, the gaming theme will be leading, with esports tournaments and lectures focusing on the theme. In addition, topics such as astronomy, biomedicine, genetics, and entrepreneurship, among others, will be covered during the five-day event.

It is expected to gather more than 100,000 people in the open area and 7,000 students in the square. According to Tunico Novaes, CEO of Campus Party Brasil, the audience will have the possibility to immerse themselves in the main trends in the world of technology in more than 200 hours of activities in #CPBSB5. Campuses from Brasília are excited about the activities and the content presented. One of the novelties of this edition will be Printer Cheff, an activity in which competitors have to develop dishes with meat produced in 3D printers. In addition, we will have a fashion show with clothes using IoT technology. For these two activities, we are talking to several universities so that students of these courses can participate,” he adds.

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Registration for the Printer Chef and Fashion Show can be done by e-mail [email protected]to inform you about the activity you will be participating in and the university you are attending.

For the DF Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Gustavo Amaral, the campus party represents the interaction of young people with innovation. “Holding an event like the campus in the Federal District makes it possible, especially for young people, to get acquainted with entertainment. Thus, they keep up with new trends, communicate with big brands and even look for job opportunities. An investment in science, technology and innovation is an investment,” he notes. in the future of our people.

Programs are confirmed at CPBSB

The fifth edition of Campus Party Brasilia will once again showcase the Startup 360º programme, in partnership with Sebrae, which aims to enable start-ups and advanced startups to showcase their work. In addition, #CPBSB5 will have Campus Future, a content delivery program produced by universities that aims to enhance their work with technological solutions developed in academic settings with the potential to become a reality.

The volunteer program is also confirmed in the fifth edition of Campus Party Brasília. It will assist participants in the dynamics of the event, for six hours a day, in the morning/afternoon and afternoon/evening periods, as well as serving as an educational opportunity for future careers. New to this edition is the Senior Volunteer Program, which aims to get people over the age of 50 involved in the action.

Other confirmed programs for #CPBSB5 are communities and caravans. These two activities are very special to the event, as they reflect the campus spirit of bringing together and strengthening communities across the country. For caravans, a group of at least 12 people is required, and everyone must be able to travel together on official caravan transport.

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All programs are open for registration and can be done on the website: https://brasil.campus-party.Deer /


Campus Party Brasilia participation tickets are already on sale. Entry for 5 days of the event costs R$230.00; entry + single camping, R$330.00; And the entry costs + double camping are 345.00 Brazilian reals. Tickets can be purchased on the website https://bit.ly/ingressosCPBSB5

Brasilia Campus Party Service

Campus Party Brasilia Service – Fifth Edition

Arena: From 5 to 9 April

open area: From 6 to 9 April

Place: Mane Garrincha Stadium

About CampusParty

Campus Party is the world’s largest technology experience in IoT, Blockchain, Maker culture, Education and Entrepreneurship. The event currently has over 550,000 registered students worldwide and has already spawned editions in countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Argentina, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Ecuador. The event has been present in Brazil for ten years.