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Key Alves catches Gustavo in the shower with his sister and admits to being jealous TV news

Elvis key He admitted that he was jealous of Gustavo Benedetti After he was caught in the shower while Larissa Santos was nearby, V.I BBB 23. During the early hours of Tuesday (31), the volleyball player made no attempt to hide her annoyance with the situation.

“Every time I go to the bathroom, he takes a shower… I won’t say the name, but there’s a person in there. The same person, all the time, all the time,” she complained, referring to Education Physics teacher.

“It’s not my fault. Every time I go to brush my teeth or take a shower, she picks it up and goes and brings up the subject,” Gustavo defended himself, confirming his girlfriend’s report. “Watch him take a shower,” the athlete reinforced.

“Larissa?” he asked. Christian Fanelli. “I won’t say the name,” Key replied, while Gustavo laughed and handed the participant’s ID. “Or I’m panicking, or I’m seeing something. Do you think I should?” she rebelled. “And she gets angry with me,” the farmer lamented.

“You like it, right?” I joked. “I don’t like anything, no. I went alone to take a shower, in God’s peace, with my eyes closed,” defended the Pipoca member. “And then my sixth sense started, I went over there, called him and the other pretended to be stupid. I was sure,” Ki charged.

“It’s a coincidence,” Benedetti said. “It’s not just once, it’s many times! I’m not crazy, no. And then who am I going to be mad at? It can only be him,” the player insisted. “The package is here,” muttered Gustavo.

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