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Callum Scott: The golden voice from the UK enchants São Paulo

Callum Scott: The golden voice from the UK enchants São Paulo

With the album due out in June 2022, the artist appreciated the work almost 100% during the presentation that lasted almost an hour and a half. The show started with the sound of “Rise”, which is probably one of the audience’s favorite songs, and from then on, the Brit only moved the audience.

The sound filled every inch of the venue, including the amazing band playing the cello, the exciting vocals and plenty of charisma, stage presence and respect from the São Paulo crowd were present. Did you know that Internet saying that someone has a “mission”? So, from the first song, Callum nailed it brilliantly.

Then, he sang “I’ll be there”, with the following response from the São Paulo crowd, which represents Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro, at least this Friday: Brazil will always be with him. The show continued with “Last Tears”.

“Bible,” one of Calum’s biggest hits, is sung as if it were Christian worship. Then there’s “Imperfections” and its powerful message of “being perfect just the way you are.” Now, in truth, “Boys in The Street” is one of the album’s most powerful lyrics, and despite being a re-recording, Calum has made the song his own, causing a whirlwind of emotions.

The Brazilian audience is different

“Bridges” Honestly, what can we say about this moment in the show and the light show that the audience prepared specifically for this song? No words yet! The audience in São Paulo made the great Callum Scott cry on stage, and I think that’s enough. Look, listen and read the translation, it’s worth it.

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Callum’s show also made room for new music released last August called “At Your Worst” and a cover of Maroon 5’s “This Love,” recalling the good old days when the artist had a cover band for the group, with supreme creativity. His name – he says – is “Maroon 4”.

He sang in Portuguese with singer Brian Bear, sang electronically, and got moving with “Run With Me,” which is definitely one of the best songs on the album.

There are songs that are basically mandatory in artists’ playlists and “You Are The Reason” is one of those songs. The arrangement, the lyrics, the interpretation, the handing out the gifts for that moment in the show, it was something from another planet. with a great happiness! Then the show ended with the song “Heaven”.

The end of the performance is full of emotion.

The artist leaves the stage, and the audience in surreal energy asks him to come back – never mind that it’s part of the show – and sing ‘Dancing On My On’, the song that introduced Calum to the world – Somewhere Above He Said He Has Songs That Can’t Be Missed And This One Is A Must somewhat.

The audience present at Vibra São Paulo went to the front of the stage and sang this song so loudly, once again, they couldn’t hold back their emotions and it infected everyone.

Passing through Brazil

Callum Scott chose Brazil to end the tour, which also visited Belo Horizonte and arrives on Sunday (27) in Rio de Janeiro. With this decision, the artist of course wanted to feel the value of Brazilian fans, which is certainly different, but I also believe in it as a form of gratitude, since his fans are very loyal in the country and this has been demonstrated in the cities he has already visited.

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But even so, Calum is one of those “underrated” artists who deserves more recognition, even with over 25 million monthly listeners on the main audio platform. He has talent, charisma and, above all, the respect of the audience.

“World Bridges Tour”

On Sunday (27), Callum Scott will perform the third and final show of the “Bridges World Tour” in Brazil. The show, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, will take place at Sacadura 154 and tickets will remain available on the Sympla platform, with prices ranging from R$105 to R$650.