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Caixa must pay the prize to the owner of the stolen ticket

Caixa must pay the prize to the owner of the stolen ticket

The bettor, who has proven his participation in the prize pool, must receive R$ 11,420.27, In reference to the share purchased from the complex in 20 figures, which reached the corner (five figures) of 2022 mig da ferrada.

The ruling was issued by Judge Marcelo Crass Borges on Monday (4), In a process subject to the jurisdiction of the Special Federal Court. “Considering the documents presented in this case, it is proven that the petitioner was in possession of the winning ticket until the day of the theft, which is sufficient to prove that he was a winner,” the judge said.

The operation indicates that the ticket was purchased via WhatsApp from a lottery outlet. The bookie provided proof of the payments to the court, including other bets made. The winning ticket, which contains an identification code, is linked to the stake. After the robbery, the victim filed a report with the police.

Caixa refused to pay She stated that the same could only be done through a court decision, according to TRF4.

“In this case, once the ticket in question is lost/lost, for any reason, the defendant (bank) could be found guilty. “The payment of the lottery prize, with the author bearing the burden of proving his personal right to the prize, as a constitutive fact of his right, and a proof that can be enforced by all acceptable means,” understood Crass Borges.

The judge also cited previously analyzed legal cases that recognized payment in similar circumstances. As long as there is proof of purchasing the ticket.

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