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Caixa announces up to R$1,212 in extra money for workers

Caixa announces up to R$1,212 in extra money for workers

May be more than 1.1 million workers being able to More money soon! At least that’s what Caixa Econômica Federal had to say when it announced the launch of its R$1,212 bonus salary. Amount refers to an old amount of PIS. Learn to consult to know immediately if you have funds available.

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a Limit Withdrawal of funds ends on December 29. Therefore, a worker who wants to get his hands on the money needs to prepare as soon as possible to ensure a good end of the year. The amount will be paid to those who requested a review of the amount through justice or who did not withdraw it from calendars that were overdue between 2016 and 2020.

Additional money for workers

To be entitled, the worker must have been registered with PIS for at least five years. He must also have worked for at least one month in the reference year for payment to receive any amount.

Workers in doubt about whether or not they have receivables can consult with Federal Savings Bank. If you still have questions about how to get connected, we suggest you do your search through the Caixa Tem, Caixa Trabalhador or Digital Work Card apps.

For those who choose to refer to the available tools, simply look for the “Benefits” option. Another way is to get in touch by calling 158 or 0800-7260207 or on the Citizen Portal website. All benefits and social programs can be checked. It is necessary to indicate the password and CPF number of the citizen.

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Also according to the bank, the average Payments It is R$398.99 per worker. The amount to be paid varies according to the number of working months during the base year.

  • see below Table PIS 2022:

Worked for 1 month: R$101;
Two months’ work: 202 R$;
Worked for 3 months: R$ 303;
Worked for 4 months: R$ 404;
Worked for 5 months: R$505;
Worked for 6 months: R$ 606;
Worked for 7 months: R$707;
Worked for 8 months: R$808;
9 months working: R$909;
Worked for 10 months: R$1010;
Worked for 11 months: R$ 1,111;
Worked for 12 months: R$1,212.