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Learn how to participate in the bank withdrawal

Can you imagine being able to win 50 thousand Brazilian Real? Owning this amount of money is the desire of many people. With it, many Brazilians can complete their projects, such as buying a house or a car, traveling, paying off debts, and starting a business, among others. But it is not easy to collect such an amount.

Therefore, one of the banks launched a promotion promising to pay 50 thousand Brazilian reals to the winners. In fact, it is a private pension plan aimed at children and young adults. According to the financial institution, the program is nearing its end and ends on October 31 this year.

In light of this, see how to participate in the promotion that pays 50 thousand Brazilian reais, read this article.

Banco Bradesco holds the lottery for Lotérica Nacional, which will pay R$50,000 to the winner – Credit:jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Bradesco announces the withdrawal of 50 thousand Brazilian riyals

Bradesco has a special retirement plan for children and youth up to age 24. Bradesco Vida e Previdência has launched the Prev Jovem Premiável Program, in which the lottery will be drawn by Lotérica Federal.

Thus, to participate, of course, it is necessary to register in the bank’s pension plan. Then make contributions to the account. It is also possible to implement external portability, as long as the contracted plans date back to October 2018.

Thus, those who meet the criteria should search for a Bradesco branch and speak with an investment manager. It is important to remember that the external transfer must be done for individual Prev Jovem accounts. The show began on October 1 this year, and ends on the 31st.

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In addition, it is necessary for a person to have a bank account in Bradesco. Withdrawals in the amount of 50 thousand Brazilian riyals are made through lucky numbers that are presented according to the applications. According to the institution, there is a limit of up to 10 numbers per CPF to participate in the raffle.

Whoever contributes 50 to 250 riyals, wins a number. Meanwhile, people who contribute 250.01 to 500 OMR get double digits. As for those who contribute from 500.01 to 1000 riyals, they are three numbers. Finally, those who contribute more than 1000 riyals per month receive 10 numbers.

There is also the possibility of making one-time contributions. From one thousand to 10 thousand riyals, a person receives a number. From 10 thousand to 20 thousand are two digits. Meanwhile, from 20 to 30 thousand, that is, 3 digits. And finally, from 30 thousand, you get 10 digits.

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More information about bank withdrawal

Therefore, there will be only one winner, who will receive a prize of R$50,000 from Banco Bradesco. The drawing will be made on November 30, by the Federal Lottery, according to the rules established by the banking institution. Regarding lucky numbers, they are sent to the competitor as soon as contributions are made. The company sends it via SMS text message or via e-mail.

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