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CAIXA 2021: payments up to R$1,000 per cell phone;  know how it will work

CAIXA 2021: payments up to R$1,000 per cell phone; know how it will work

a Federal Savings Bank It has released new secure messaging functionality so that citizens can closely monitor their transactions with CAIXA, the so-called SMS alert With cell phone messaging.

The bank has already started to pay Band aid For more than 40 million Brazilians across the country.

“Caixa is always innovating and striving for excellence when it comes to security. For this, Caixa has created a file Mobile message service“, I showed.

Caixa reported that the new tool prioritizes its security, because upon registration, the user begins to receive alert messages about approved, canceled and rejected debit transactions, made in checking and savings accounts.

Debit card purchases (Maestro and VisaEletron) made at commercial establishments are also reported.

How to use the SMS Alert Service

The bank chose three tips for using the service:

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  • 1- It is important that you avoid accumulating messages on your cell phone with information about transactions made in your account.
  • 2- If the mobile phone is stolen or lost, immediately cancel the service at Caixa Online Banking or at a Caixa branch.
  • 3- If you choose to join Caixa Online Banking, check if you are on a security page before submitting your details.

It is important to emphasize that in addition to the subscription, the service is also canceled in Caixa Internet banking or in self-service rooms. For this, the user will receive a message from cashier Confirm the cancellation of the service and then stop sending messages.

Remember that only the service owner can cancel the service or request the cancellation in person at their Caixa branch.

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“If you receive a cancellation message that you do not recognize, contact your Caixa branch or phone support immediately at 0800 726 0104. Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” the bank says.

change phone

If the phone number is changed, the registered data cannot be changed. The customer must delete the service, then make a new subscription, informing him of the new number. Both exclusion and new listing are made at Caixa Online Banking, at ATMs, or at the Customer’s Caixa Branch.

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