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C6 Bank, BTG Pactual/Pan and Inter top the complaints rankings;  a look

C6 Bank, BTG Pactual/Pan and Inter top the complaints rankings; a look

C6 Bank, BTG charterPan and Inter top the ranking of customer complaints in the survey conducted by the Central Bank for the first quarter of 2022.

The Monetary Authority issued the list of the 15 largest banks, financial institutions and payment institutions.

Check out the list of the six best banks in the ranking:

  • First: C6 Bank
  • Second: BTG Pactual / Banco Pan
  • Third: Banco Inter
  • Fourth: BMG Bank
  • Fifth: Santander
  • Sixth: Bradesco

C6 Bank, which already finished the fourth quarter at the top of the rankings, again took first place and had a complaint rate of 77.99, with 1,265 valid registrations. The largest number of complaints against the group were related to security and integrity, as well as credit cards, payroll loans and online banking.

In second place, BTG Pactual/Banco PAN had an index of 68.20 and 1,290 valid complaints, and in third place, Inter had an index of 48.5 points, with 833 valid complaints.

The complaints index is calculated based on the number of complaints considered valid, divided by the number of customers of the organization, multiplied by 1,000,000. In practice, the higher the index, the worse the rating of the enterprise. Quarterly ranking.

In the list of the 15 largest organizations, BMG ranked fourth in terms of complaints (index of 47.2), followed by Santander (27.37) and the sixth Bradesco (25, 22).

Among the most common complaints against organizations are “violations relating to the integrity, reliability, security, confidentiality or legality of credit card-related operations and services” (2312 2), “violations relating to the integrity, reliability, security, confidentiality or legality of service operations related to credit operations” (1,158), and “ Displaying or providing information on credit debited from payroll” (1,515).

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The release of the poll was delayed due to the effects of the Central Bank’s employees’ strike this year.

What do the banks say?

After consulting the report, C6 Bank declared reducing the number of complaints and increasing the rate of resolution among the group’s priorities, including rewarding attendees who better solve customer problems.

Since it began to appear in the rating that aggregates organizations with more than 10 million customers, C6 Bank has recorded consecutive declines in the Central Bank Index, with an improvement of 47.85% compared to the result of the third quarter of 2021. Initiatives developed in recent months are training Specialize and expand service teams. We will continue to invest our efforts to promote continuous improvements in the process.”

Banco Pan stated that it is constantly adopting measures to improve the customer experience, including the digitization of processes and the inclusion of tools in the bank’s application. Ban also reinforces its position of respect for customers and is available through all of its service channels.

Banco Inter said it continues to improve its service channels. Inter also affirms its commitment to respecting customers and the purpose of offering a complete journey, from the bank to the mall, digital and free for all.

According to BMG, the bank also remains committed to resolving issues and conducting operations reviews. “[Oferecemos] A variety of official service channels to resolve requests to ensure the best experience for their customers.

Santander states that it is “constantly improving its operations, offerings, and customer service, making it simpler and more flexible to ensure customer satisfaction with the bank.”

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Bradesco confirmed that it is monitoring customer complaints and prioritizing requests. “Reducing complaints rates is a constant focus of the Bank. All feedback is closely monitored by the Ombudsman. The goal is to provide high quality service to all customers and users of its products and services.”

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