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Nubank offers nearly R$500 completely free of charge;  See how you participate

Do you have a Nobank account? You can lose money in 4 days

a nubank She recently announced a change in the performance of her digital account that displeased many customers. From July 25, 4 days from now, account holders will be “losing” their money every day due to inflation.

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What happens is that Nokunta It will not have an automatic daily return of 100% of the CDI in the case of new deposits. Soon, the digital bank account will only provide income after the 30th day, in the same way as savings.

For many customers, the attitude of the digital bank, always known for innovation when it comes to financial services, has become comparable to the strategies of “banks”, which it has always tried not to belong to.

Financial loss

The decision to change the form of income will help the bank improve its profitability, which is a risky fact, because it satisfies the shareholders, but conflicts with the customer base. The financial loss for users whose daily profit is guaranteed can be significant.

Simulations conducted by the Infomoney portal, using the Central Bank (BC) calculator, can help to better understand how this change in income affects the finances of those who have chosen Nubank to double the money.

See example: If someone invests R$10,000 from June 1 to 29, with 100% of the CDI as income, the reward will be R$91.30. However, given the new Nubank rule, the customer’s balance will only be a portion of the initial amount from the 31st onwards. If he makes any more withdrawals before the deadline, he will lose the income.

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Source: Citizen Calculator / Central Bank

Therefore, the remaining advice is that, for investors who want to see their money pay off in any application period, the new Nubank account format may not be ideal. The recommendation then is to look for companies that offer a 100% daily return on CDI, of course, as long as everything is done safely.