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British father with 667 tattoos in his daughter’s name |  Stay inside

British father with 667 tattoos in his daughter’s name | Stay inside

A father of a 7-year-old girl has become a man with the same name heavily tattooed on his body. Mark Owen Evans, 49, has a total of 667 tattoos named after his daughter Lucy. This is not the first time that the father has joined Guinness World Records. In 2017, he achieved the same feat after getting 267 tattoos on his back. However, in 2020, 27-year-old Deitra Vigil (USA) broke the record by getting her own name tattooed 300 times.

Mark was unhappy when he lost his position and decided to try again. He got new tattoos on his thighs because he didn’t have much space on his back. The 400 tattoos — 200 on each leg — took five and a half hours to complete. “I can’t wait to get the record back in my lap and dedicate it to my daughter,” Mark told the UK news website. Guinness World Records.

Father has 667 tattoos in his daughter’s name – Photo: Breeding Guinness World Records

As she entered the record books for the first time, the father got the tattoo to celebrate his daughter’s birth and to raise funds for the hospital that will care for her in the following months. He himself designed the first set of tattoos that repeated the name Lucy, referring to the Guinness World Records. Two tattoo artists finished their work in an hour.

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Father gets first tattoo to honor daughter’s birth – Photo: Breeding Guinness World Records

Initially, Mark planned to get Lucy’s name tattooed 100 times because he believed he wouldn’t have that much space on his back. However, thanks to the expert writing of the artists, the father was eventually able to increase his ratings. “It was different — because two tattoo artists were doing it at the same time, the pain was negated,” Mark said. the sunIn 2017. “I really love my record, it goes with me everywhere,” he added. The father said he doesn’t plan to have any more children with his wife Katherine, but if he does, he’ll have to do “something big.”

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