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Britain to elect Labor after 14 years of Conservatives;  to know

Britain to elect Labor after 14 years of Conservatives; to know

Son of a laborer and a nurse. Starmer grew up in the small town of Oxted, England, and was the first in his family to complete a higher education degree. He graduated in law from Leeds University in 1987 and “spent a lot of time giving free legal advice, defending ordinary people against the powerful”, according to the Labor Party.

Relationship with Socialism. His parents, who had always supported the Labor Party, enrolled him in the party’s Socialist Youth Group as a teenager. In the 1980s and 1990s, Starmer wrote columns for the left-wing magazines “Socialist Alternatives” and “Socialist Lawyer”. In interviews, he has said that “he is a socialist” and that his politics are fueled by a “burning desire to fight inequality and injustice”.

The ideology is called “Stormerism”. Labour’s political views and aims have been called “Stormerism”, which he told Time magazine “recognises that Britain’s economy needs to be fixed. It recognizes that solving the climate crisis is not just a duty. The biggest opportunity for our country’s future is to reform public services, for all children and all British people.” People should also have better opportunities and we need a safe environment, safe streets etc.

Workers have knighthoods awarded by Queen Elizabeth. The honor was used in 2014 for Starmer’s work as Director of Public Prosecutions, the legal position responsible for handling all prosecutions in the country.

“I changed the Labor Party for good,” says Starmer. In a recent interview with the BBC, he said that the British people could trust him and that he would “always put country first and party second”. “I have worked for four and a half years to transform this Labor Party and now I have the opportunity to bring it to the country,” he added.

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The scenario is negative for conservatives

Polls show a broad advantage for Labor. According to data compiled as of May 24, a survey conducted by the British broadcaster BBC found that Labor had 45% of voting intentions, compared with 23% for the Conservatives. Today, most analysts see incumbent Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as unlikely to win the July 4 election against Keir Starmer. “If there is a turnaround, it will be historic,” he says UOL Guy Enno Lehmann, Professor at IRI-USP (Institute of International Relations at the University of São Paulo).