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The English Parliament was dissolved;  Elections will be held in July

The English Parliament was dissolved; Elections will be held in July

Rishi Sunak| Photo: EFE/EPA/Andy Rain

With information from EFE

The British Parliament was dissolved on Thursday (30) as the first step towards the general election to be held in the United Kingdom on July 4. Labor leader Keir Starmer appears to be the favorite in a poll against Prime Minister Rishi Chung, who wants to keep the Conservatives in power.

When the dissolution of the Westminster Parliament in London takes effect, representatives cease to perform their duties and lose their seats, so politicians seeking re-election actually enter the current election campaign.

Despite Britons having until the end of January 2025 to go to the polls, parliamentary proceedings ended last week after the Prime Minister announced in a surprise move that the elections would be brought forward.

In this way, members of parliament no longer represent their constituents and are not represented until the election is over.

Government ministers will continue their duties until July 5, when the winner of the elections – elected in a single round by simple majority voting – will be summoned by the head of state, Charles III, and asked to form a new one. UK Govt.

Now the ex-representatives can go to Parliament to vacate their offices in a few days.

Like other Members of Parliament, the current Speaker of Parliament, Lindsay Hoyle, is expected to contest the by-election.

Across the hall from the Palace of Westminster, the seat of Parliament, in the House of Lords (Upper), peerages are appointed and not elected, and retain their posts, although they cease to serve until the election is over.

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Today, Starmer and Sunak continue their tour of the country in search of voter support and have begun to reveal some of the steps they will take if they win on July 4.

Starmer and Sunak will meet on June 4 in the first televised debate of the campaign to be broadcast on the ITV network.

Starmer’s Labor Party is the favorite in the polls, leading Sunak’s “Conservatives” by 27 points.

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