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As vaccination progresses among Brazilians, municipalities have already begun to discuss the need to require proof of immunization. but Many people have problems in properly recording data in the Ministry of Health application.

It turned into a fever. Many people have been keen to record the moment they received the Covid vaccine. But the picture alone is not enough. It is necessary to have a national vaccination certificate. The document is free and available on the Connect SUS app.

See step by step version:

The first step is to download the application to your cell phone or access the Connect SUS software page on your computer. Registration is necessary. Then click the vaccine icon. Squeeze over the doses given. Go to details of administered doses. Then click on the vaccination certificate. This is proof of vaccination, with all the person’s data, vaccine doses and batches, and a QR code confirming the authenticity of the document.

Once the immunization is complete, it is also possible to issue the certificate in English or Spanish. At the top of the page, just select the flag.

There is not yet a valid standard for all countries, but some are already accepting the Brazilian national vaccination certificate as proof of immunization against Covid. The problem is that not everyone is able to issue this certificate.

Gustavo took the first dose on June 6, and the second on August 23. But in the system the information is incomplete.

“It just shows my second dose and then I click to generate the certificate. It will run here forever, it doesn’t generate the certificate. Hopefully when everything improves we can go back to an almost normal life. This includes traveling and going places, and we’re seeing a lot of mobilization from countries Even countries here are already considering making this a requirement to prove vaccines “We want something to prove that quickly,” says banker Gustavo Tocantins.

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Andrei has already taken two doses of the vaccine. But in his case, there was only the first in Connect SUS. He went to a basic health unit and released the information. The problem is that the second dose was on July 7th, not now.

“With the same first batch, the same place as the first tool and the same first applicator, in other words, all the information is wrong,” André Marques says.

Andrei complained twice on the channel provided in the application. Wrong batch and rod data remain on the display. But in the certificate, it now appears patched.

The director of the Instituto Cuesto de Ciencia, Paulo Almeida, commends the creation of the digital verification system. But he is also having trouble getting the certificate.

“In addition to using the formal course indicated by the application itself, depending on the degree of urgency, it will be necessary to obtain an injunction from the court to issue this in record time, in immediate time, in the event of an emergency,” says Paulo Almeida.

About 7,500 Brazilian volunteers who participated in the Janssen vaccine testing phase of Connect SUS were also not included.

“Apparently, the issue is the same for all participants. I think it has more to do with the bureaucracy, perhaps, internal to the regulators,” said Carlos Brights, survey coordinator for Jacin Bahia.

The Ministry of Health, in a statement, said that the Connect SUS application is not stable, but is now working normally. About the reported problems, the ministry indicated only one way: access to support in the application itself in the “talk to Connect SUS”.