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Brazilian jewels go up for auction in US

Brazilian jewels go up for auction in US

The 1974 model received several changes in Brazil
Photos: Bring trailer/reproduction

After the Puma GTE, we see another Brazilian classic up for auction in the US, the A Volkswagen Brasilia 1974. However, the vehicle in question was extensively modified, far from original.

According to the description on the Bring A Trailer auction site, this 1974 Volkswagen Brasilia was restored and converted in Brazil. Among the customizations, the model gets a vinyl sunroof, a crazy stainless steel exhaust, clean-looking headlights and a fog lamp.

16-inch wheels with “shoe” tires in different sizes between the axles: 185/55 at the front and 205/55 at the rear. However, the 1974 Volkswagen Brasilia’s appearance made up for its lack of originality.

1974 Volkswagen Brasilia in Texas

The plate identifies the US state of Texas and neighboring Mexico where the vehicle is registered. This raises the question of whether this Volkswagen Brasilia is really Brazilian, as this model was actually made in the land of tequila. However, according to the auction site, the origin of the vehicle is actually Brazil. The odometer shows about 2,700 miles (just under 5 thousand kilometers), which means that no one can find out the “mileage” of this little car.

Inside, the 1974 Volkswagen Brasilia received a Porsche steering wheel, instruments and front seat belts, and a quick-change gearbox. The leather-covered seats came from a Peugeot. With a sporty design, they offer good support to passengers. The sound has a Bluetooth system.

Mechanicals include the good old 1.6 “aircooled” boxer engine, twin body carburetors and a four-speed manual transmission. The front brakes are reinforced with discs. Volkswagen Brasilia’s suspensions can adjust their height. However, the highest bid received at the auction was $22,250, which is about R$110,000, short of reaching the minimum reserve.

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