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Brazil fears new US military base amid conflict in Guyana

Brazil fears new US military base amid conflict in Guyana

Since the establishment of the Bolivarian Republic in Venezuela with Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro, US policy has been to surround the country with military bases. According to the Brazilian Defense Ministry, the United States already has about 20 bases around Venezuela, 10 of which are ready or installed in Colombia, and others are in French Guiana, Suriname and Central America. Tales Faria

After the United States lifted sanctions against Venezuela’s oil, Brazil did not believe in the possibility of armed conflict due to Venezuelan economic interests, but after Guyana’s president agreed to the possibility of establishing foreign bases to defend himself, Brazil worked with him. conflict hypothesis and doubled its troops in the region. In this situation, Brazil’s fear is for the Amazon.

The Brazilian military has always been very wary of the US establishing military bases around Brazil. Even the issue of indigeneity scares the military on strategic grounds, because they think that in Roraima and Amaba, indigenous territories are being created that could cross the border and become new countries. There is still this fear among some hardliners who think that the US can take advantage of this and keep an eye on our Amazons all the time. With every new military base, they think there is a US blockade of the region, which is another possibility. Tales Faria


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