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Brazil compares Bolivia coup to January 8 attacks

Brazil compares Bolivia coup to January 8 attacks

Mercosur currently has a GDP of US$2.86 trillion, covering 67% of South America’s territory. In 2023, Brazil exported US$23.56 billion to the bloc and imported US$17.09 billion, for a surplus of nearly US$6.5 billion. The majority of Brazilian exports were manufactured products, and the main commodities traded between bloc members were automobiles, auto parts, energy, and soybeans.

Brazil must also sign an agreement with the La Plata Basin Development Fund, which provides technical and financial support for studies, projects, works and programs that promote development and integration among the member states of the La Plata Basin: Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Bolivia in Mercosur

During the meeting, Bolivian Chancellor Celinda Sosa opened her speech by denouncing the coup attempt and said, “We know that there are external and internal interests in controlling the wealth of our country. We will not allow the rights of Bolivians to be violated and their rights to be violated.” Don’t even take us to democracy.

The Chancellor also thanked the other member states for integrating Bolivia into Mercosur, and stated that the country would continue working towards integration “in this very serious context.”

Sosa also stated that Bolivia’s accession to the bloc represents an opportunity to deepen integration at all levels, highlighting the role of indigenous peoples in this integration, with the aim of improving regional infrastructure and enhancing exchanges.

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