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“Globo Repórter” on Friday the 31st crosses Canada from east to west on rails |  Al Bahia Network

“Globo Repórter” on Friday the 31st crosses Canada from east to west on rails | Al Bahia Network

The four-day and four-night route offers impressive and nature-filled landscapes – Photo: Globo/ Divulgação

A different experience, between stunning landscapes and many adventures. On Friday the 31st, Globo Reporter crosses Canada, the second largest country in the world by area, from East Coast to West Coast on a train. Reporter Rogerio Coutinho travels 4,466 kilometers over four days and four nights, from Toronto to Vancouver, revealing the stories and beauty of every stop along the way and the people who build the country.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the epic construction changed the map of North America. In 1887, railways connected people and formed Canada. “Globo Repórter” begins the journey in the country’s largest city, cosmopolitan Toronto, the financial heart and great cultural centre. But before boarding the train that will take him from coast to coast, Rogerio Coutinho enjoys the experience of walking outside the CN Tower, the highest point in the country.

Boarding the crossing, which will pass through five governorates, takes place at “Union Station,” a station that receives 250,000 passengers daily. Along the way, you’ll see dazzling landscapes, clear lakes, and diverse animals, such as the beaver, one of Canada’s official symbols. At one stop, a cable car transports the team to Whistler Mountain, where the reporter lives out his dream of seeing snow for the first time. At another point, an hour from Vancouver, Coutinho ventures bungee jumping 50 metres, in direct contact with nature.

It is a program that brings a wealth of information and a lot of fun. Canadians have a very interesting relationship with nature and adrenaline experiences. It was amazing to cross the second largest country in the world by train, try bungee jumping, and even see snow for the first time. It was a dream and my job gave me that. I was amazed by the diversity of landscapes we encountered along the way. Mountains, farms, lakes, forests and animals, all on an incredible path

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– He declares.

Throughout the train journey, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. With an evolving menu, the kitchen produces about 180 meals a day. Rogerio Coutinho presents the culinary challenges of the train swing and displays the structure of the carriages that receive and welcome people from different places.

More than 130,000 Brazilians currently live in Canada. Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, reveals itself as a great cultural event, diverse and full of attractions. In some neighborhoods, street art dominates the walls and facades. This is the art of a Goiás native, who started working as a builder upon arriving in the country, but followed his dream and today sees his art spread throughout the city.

Chef Adilton Pereira de Mello, the chef of Pernambuco, tantalizes Canadians’ taste buds with delicious cuisine infused with Brazilian flavour. He arrived in the country in 2006 with a backpack and $700 in his pocket to work in a bakery. From there, he entered the world of culinary art and specialized, and now he has his own pastry shop, which receives more than 500 customers daily.

Vancouver also has the largest Chinese community in Canada, with nearly 30% of the population. The program shows the “China Town” district, which offers a mixture of traditions. On the trip to Vancouver, the team passed through four different time zones. The stops take place in small towns that show a little of the traditions of these villages full of history.