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Brave Champions: Vivo Kid's win reversed by exploitation |  brave

Brave Champions: Vivo Kid’s win reversed by exploitation | brave

Riot Games has reversed course Vivo Keyd x Acend Result, a valid match Valuation of heroesworld of method. Kidd, who won by 2×1, abused the loophole during the showdown’s third map, and in Decision by Riot GamesThe punishment led to the defeat of the Brazilian national team. Therefore, Acend is the standoff winner with a score of 2×1, and advances on the top bracket, while VK falls on the bottom bracket.

Jonathan “JhoW”, a brave Vivo Keyd player – Photo: Michal Konkol / Riot Games

The exploit consists of a specific camera mode of Cypher, the client used by Jonathan “JhoW”. If positioned correctly, the camera allows you to see the texture that should obscure the player’s view; In the same area, however, the opponents cannot determine the utility.

According to Riot Games, there have been six rounds in which Keyd used the bug; The team was deducted from these points, which were awarded to Acend, resulting in a 12×9 score. To compensate for the economic slowdown that occurred due to these rounds, Riot gave Acend another point, reaching the European team’s final score of 13×9.

Exploit use in the match between Vivo Keyd and Acend, at Valorant Champions – Image: Clone / Riot Games

It is worth noting that Riot clarifies in its statement that the game has not been paused because the vulnerability was not immediately identified, either by game officials or by Acend itself. The developer also claims that Keyd can question the referee about the validity of the play, and states that the Brazilian team did not ask any questions about it at the time of the match.

Riot’s decision should change the Valorant Champions fixture schedule: Keyd was scheduled to face Envy this Saturday (4), but the change in results should pit them against X10, in a duel scheduled for Sunday (the fifth). As of the time this article was published, the new schedule had not been revealed.

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